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For today’s blog post I want to share another business time-saving secret! In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges facing a small business owner is lack of time, am I right?! When I first began CIE I don’t think I even fully realized how much time goes into keeping up a small business, and when I sat down to complete a task, I found myself getting side tracked and scrolling Instagram instead!! Before this year even began, I knew that I wanted to have a planner that supported my lifestyle and my needs. I had heard of the Simplified Planner before, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to purchase a $50 planner.  When they had their annual Black Friday sale though, I couldn’t resist, and bought one. And it has been a LIFESAVER. Just as a disclaimer, I wasn’t paid to promote or blog about the Simplified Planner; I just love it so much I had to share!!

Every morning, I lay my planner out on my desk, and I like to keep it OUT on my desk throughout the day so I can remind myself to stop InstaScrolling! I write down several tasks that I want to accomplish that day, and I write them in the times that I know I will be available and ready to do them! I also use the sidebars on the monthly view pages to write out some monthly goals, and then check them off as they’re accomplished! Washi tape is super useful to mark off big events, like wedding weekends or styled shoot days, and I love to have a big visual reminder of something important coming up!! For each holiday, non-business related event, or birthday, I use fun stickers to mark the day; it’s a fun way to remember when you look at the monthly view! 

Another thing I love about the Simplified Planner is the pockets in the front; they are SO useful for me! My monthly blog post calendar, my list of to-do’s notes on upcoming weddings, and other little notes all get tucked away in there, and then I never lose them! In the past, printable calendars, notes and handwritten notes would get lost somewhere in the abyss of my purse, but now I know exactly where they will be if I go looking for them! I also love how the Simplified Planner has a heart for what really matters- spending and prioritizing time with those you love and things you care about! It’s filled with beautiful and encouraging sayings that uplift you throughout the day!

All of these ideas work really well for me, but I’m sure different things may work better for you! I would love for you to tell me more about how you use your Simplified Planner, or what other organization tools work for you!


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