I’m passionate about teaching others the strategies and techniques I've learned about building a successful floral design business. My goal is to educate and empower you, so you too can enjoy a fulfilling career, while working with ideal clients, (and serving them well), designing arrangements that inspire you, and sharing your joy with the world through flowers.

No matter where you are coming from, whether you are just starting your business, or are years into your journey with flowers, there is always more to learn and techniques on how to get to that next level, and that's what I'm here for!

I’ve created free resources, mentoring opportunities, in-person workshops, and brand-new online classes are launching soon, all for floral designers who want to uplevel their business and reach new dream clients. These resources are all designed to equip you and jumpstart your business’s continued growth starting today!

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let’s take your business to the next level- are you ready for more? 

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Thank you!
We'll be in touch soon! 

Thank you!
We'll be in touch soon! 

Courtney will be ever-present as your biggest fan, and that is something that's irreplaceable.


The entirety of Courtney's workshop was spent learning useful and applicable ways to take your business to the next level, no matter where it's starting from. Courtney was so transparent and open about her journey, her trials and her triumphs. It was incredible to spend the day with other creatives, sharing ideas and experiences while learning from a top designer in Virginia. Not only was the workshop experience the wisest investment I've ever made, but weeks and months afterwards, you will still feel Courtney cheering you on!




Courtney's workshop was truly was the best investment we have ever made in our business.


We went in with not knowing a lot, and left with a plan, new knowledge and a new love for our business. You truly are an inspiration and we both feel so blessed to have gotten to learn from one of the best in this business. You are kind and genuine and made us feel so welcomed and confident in our skills as florists and business women. We really cannot thank you enough! We are so excited to use all the tools and knowledge you taught us! THANK YOU!

caroline & jenna from BLOOM FRESH FLOWERS



In a world of competition, Courtney promotes community.


I have way too many wonderful things to say about Courtney! I was given a plethora of "tell-all" information about the wedding industry that I had been craving to know. What were her profit margins? Why am I not booking high-dollar clients? She was so willing to share everything she knows! She shared her contracts, gave suggestions on how to vamp up my website, and how to make this wonderful thing I love to do a full-time career. I have made the changes she suggested, and I am booking more clients, spending less time on things that did not improve my client's experience, and I feel more confident sending my proposals!

jessie TENNIS



from education clients

As a wedding floral designer, do you ever feel like your floral recipes fall flat? Ordering flowers for your weddings doesn't have to feel overwhelming anymore! I've created the Foundations of Floral Recipes guide for you to learn about each type of flower to include in your wedding designs, so you can confidently plan your orders and create beautiful garden style arrangements every single time! Grab your guide below. (it's free!)

FOundations of floral recipes