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I’m passionate about teaching others the strategies and techniques I've learned about building a successful floral design business. My goal is to educate and empower you, so you too can enjoy a fulfilling career, while working with new dream clients, (and serving them well), designing arrangements that inspire you, and sharing your joy with the world through flowers. 

No matter where you are coming from, whether you are just starting your business, or are years into your journey with flowers, there is always more to learn and techniques on how to get to that next level, and that's what I'm here for! 

Here you can find FREE resources, enrollment for my signature online course on pricing and ordering, downloadable digital resources, and my favorite business tools! This has all been created to equip you and jumpstart your business’s continued growth!

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"Courtney has given me so much clarity in my business! In a world of competition, she promotes community."


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The first module of this course demystifies wedding floral pricing and understanding how costs impact pricing. I break down profit margins and pricing structure and teach how you can emulate my pricing model in your own business. 

Lesson 1: Knowing Your Numbers
Lesson 2: Floral Markups & Design Fees
Lesson 3: Hardgoods, Rentals, and Delivery & Set-Up Fees

Next, dive into higher-level pricing strategies, where I'll teach my no-stress pricing process, increasing your profitability in just a few steps, positioning yourself in your market with minimums, and creating a pricing plan.

Lesson 1: Itemization vs. Lump Sum Pricing
Lesson 2: Minimums
Lesson 3: Pricing Pitfalls
Lesson 4: Profitability

Here's What You'll Learn

Wedding Floral Pricing

Pricing Strategies

module one

Module two

From start to finish, we will work through two real weddings that I've designed. I'll share how I priced out the flowers and did my floral ordering, using each of the different resources I've provided you with, so you are ready to hit the ground running and implement this into your own business!

Lesson 1: Example Wedding 1
Lesson 2: Example Wedding 2

Real Wedding Examples

module four

My complete ordering workflow, including choosing flowers for weddings and building floral recipes. I teach how I structure my orders, provide you with recipe templates to get started, and walk through the comprehensive ordering spreadsheet I use.

Lesson 1: Choosing Flowers for Recipes
Lesson 2: Creating Color Palettes & Working with Wholesalers
Lesson 3: Ordering Principles and Recipe Templates

Ordering Principles

module Three


Need a fresh set of eyes on your business? Searching for a biz bestie to be your accountability partner? Been in the wedding industry for a while, but ready to diversify your income? Excited to grow your online following? Ready to implement your ideas and kick start earning money in your sleep?

Connect with other wedding business owners and industry experts at an intimate intensive setting, where you will be equipped and encouraged to break through to the next level of your business!

January 15th-16th, in Chesapeake, VA 


2022 Wedding Business Owner

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"I finally feel empowered to take my business to the next level, and can't thank Courtney enough!"


foundations of floral recipes

Freebie for florists

Ordering flowers for your weddings doesn't have to feel overwhelming anymore! I've created the Foundations of Floral Recipes guide for you to learn about each type of flower to include in your wedding designs, so you can confidently plan your orders and create beautiful garden style arrangements every single time! Grab your guide below. (it's free!)