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12 Business Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant Today!



Hi! I’m Rachel, Courtney’s virtual assistant! I’m taking over the blog today to share some ways that a virtual assistant can make your life easier and your wedding floral design business run more smoothly. If you have a small business, you know how challenging it can be to juggle all the seemingly small details, from keeping track of your schedule to answering emails to creating posts for social media to speak to your ideal clients! It can seem like there are never enough hours in the day! When you own a business, you wear so many hats and having a virtual assistant step in and take some things off your plate can be a total game-changer!

When Courtney first contacted me about working with her, she was feeling super overwhelmed with all the aspects of continually marketing her business online – between her Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, her blog, and the ribbon shop newsletter, she was stressing herself out trying to remember to do everything, let alone finding the time!

Now, I handle most of those marketing tasks for her. Every business owner’s needs are a little different, but whether you love to delegate or prefer to be more hands-on with your business, there are probably at least a few mundane jobs (or maybe a bunch) that are eating up your time and stressing you out that could easily be handed off to someone else. Assigning some of these tasks to a VA will let you focus more of your time and energy on the creative work you love, and in turn, allow your business to become more profitable!

Here are some jobs to consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant:

  1. Scheduling social media posts on a set timeline – twice a week, once a day, etc.

  2. Creating newsletters to send out to your email list each month

  3. Formatting blog posts and uploading photos from wedding galleries

  4. Managing a master schedule of social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, and any other content your share with your audience

  5. Sending contracts to new clients via a streamlined booking system like Honeybook (see how Courtney uses Honeybook here)

  6. Creating canned email responses, replying to common inquiries, and flagging any emails that require special attention

  7. Writing and/or proofreading blog posts or other content

  8. Creating pins for products or blog posts and posting them to Pinterest

  9. Organizing and categorizing Pinterest boards

  10. Uploading and organizing Facebook photo albums after each wedding or event

  11. Uploading and organizing each new wedding gallery to an online file organization system like Google Drive

  12. (Photographers) Sending out client galleries upon completion and following up with product and printing options

    Thanks to Shannon Moffit Photography for the lovely photo!


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