find so much joy and purpose by working closely with my couples and their families to craft their dream wedding, telling their unique love story through flowers. From start to finish, every coffee date, email exchange and call is filled with so much excitement and joy, and it is such an honor to play a role in the biggest days of my couples lives!

I also hand-dye silk ribbons for brides and creative professionals via the Silk Ribbon Shop. I love being able to provide a luxurious finishing touch to bouquets, invitation suites, styling sets, and more! 

Finally, I also have a curated tabletop rental boutique for weddings and events, called The Collection by Courtney Inghram. I'm so passionate about offering artisan tabletop pieces to anyone who wants to make their special event even more beautiful.

I've been happily married to my high school sweetheart, Jason, for almost 5 years, and we have grown this passion of mine into a floral design business that we now run together.  When we aren't working, you can find us at home, curled up with our not-so-golden goldendoodle, Violet, watching Netflix (probably catching up on our favorite show, How I Met Your Mother), and planning our next getaway (and really what food we can eat in the next city we visit!) I can't live without vanilla lattes, the perfect pair of shoes (my favorites are my collection of Rothy's), and the beach!

I'm located in Virginia and love traveling to share my love of flowers with my sweet couples and their families. I've designed weddings throughout Virginia, including Hampton Roads,  Richmond, Charlottesville, and DC, as well as to other East Coast states including Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Rhode Island!

As a creative, I find BEAUTY in love stories and the tangible elements that bring them to life

You won’t find a more talented or hardworking florist. You won’t find a more supportive or positive person. You won’t find another Courtney Inghram. 

48 hours before the wedding, I realized that I had forgotten to get a small photo of my husband’s late grandmother printed & put into a photo charm to hang from my bridal bouquet. I was crushed that I probably wouldn’t have time to make it happen, but I decided to reach out to Courtney and see if she could help. Fast forward to our wedding day, Courtney came up to the bridal suite to personally deliver my bouquet. Although words can’t do that moment justice, I’ll say this. My bridal bouquet was stunningly beautiful, but seeing the framed photo of a dearly missed matriarch hanging from my bouquet and feeling her spirit whenever I looked down at it was something I’ll cherish forever. My husband was so touched when I showed him his grandmother’s photo that he later shared with me it was his favorite moment from our entire wedding day. Those moments and those memories were made possible by...our wedding florist?!? Yes, indeed. That’s what Courtney does & that’s who Courtney is!

courtney & michael BUGAS

from my couples





My high school sweetheart, Jason


The love of my life, Violet, our goldendoodle


Weekends at the beach


Lattes- vanilla, pumpkin, or gingerbread flavored, please! Starbucks reigns supreme!


The perfect pair of shoes.


Flowers are my way of bringing joy into the world.  I'm honored to share their beauty with my couples on their wedding days! But more importantly, I believe in the power of flowers to transcend time; their fleeting beauty creates memories and traditions that last a lifetime.

I imagine that years down the road, your fiance will still give you that bouquet of white peonies every June, drop a kiss on your forehead, and say “Happy anniversary, my love”, or you’ll be taken back to that day in April every time you use that bottle of perfume, reminding you of the delicate sweet peas tucked into your bouquet. Your life with flowers begins during your wedding floral planning process, but I know that they can take such a hold in your heart, that flowers will be woven into your life forever.

behind the blooms

As a wedding floral designer, do you ever feel like your floral recipes fall flat? Ordering flowers for your weddings doesn't have to feel overwhelming anymore! I've created the Foundations of Floral Recipes guide for you to learn about each type of flower to include in your wedding designs, so you can confidently plan your orders and create beautiful garden style arrangements every single time! Grab your guide below. (it's free!)

FOundations of floral recipes