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CIE Behind the Scenes: 15 Items I Bring to Weddings!



Well the first CIE wedding of the season was this past weekend, and it was a STUNNER!! Raise the Ruth Events did a fabulous job creating a gorgeous reception and curating lovely details to transform a church gymnasium into a gorgeous, classy space!!! I was honored to be able to design the flowers for Sarah, and Chelsea Anderson Photography captured all the beautiful details.

Throughout the weekend, I was prompted to think about ALL the details that go into creating a successful wedding, and all the items that I specifically need to be successful!! I use an apron (which is super convenient) to hold all my floral design supplies, and almost all these items fit into that! I’m also on the hunt for a cross-body bag that can fit my water bottles and snacks- so if you have a recommendation leave me a comment below!!

Here is my short list of items I bring to every wedding I work: 

1. 2 pairs Floral Shears

2. Bind Wire

3. Boutonniere pins

4. Floral Tape

5. Step Ladder (especially if there is an arch or hanging floral installation)

6. Additional lace/ribbon for styling for photographers (if necessary)

7. Water and Snacks!!! โ€“ I need some suggestions on protein-packed snacks- help!

8. Additional Flowers (for cake, styling, last-minute tweaks, ect.)

9. A helping hand!! It’s crucial to have at least one extra person with you during the wedding to assist as needed ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Clipboard/Pens (for contracts, timelines, last minute notes, ect)

11. Scissors (because floral shears canโ€™t cut tape or ribbon)

12. Duct Tape

13. Scotch Tape

14. Zip Ties

15. A Spray Bottle (to refresh sad-looking flowers on a hot day)

This is just a short list of some of the items I bring; the complete list of items I use for each wedding will vary! But, itโ€™s always good to be overly prepared, and because of this I have even created a little checklist for myself to make sure I am always packing all my supplies!!

  Chelsea Anderson Photography

Chelsea Anderson Photography

I hope this was helpful to someone, because it’s always good to be organized and prepared!! ๐Ÿ™‚ What do YOU bring to weddings you work? If you bring something different, or if you have any recommendations, leave me a comment! I always love trying new things!


  1. LaJoy Hunter says:

    I love the images here. Nice read.

  2. Nazanin says:

    I LOVE the photo at the bottom, so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

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