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10 Ways to Grow Your Wedding Floral Business From Home in 2020



Happy Friday! I know so many of you may be struggling right now with current events and believe me, I’m not immune to the scariness going on in the world right now! I’m hopeful that by sharing this productive and positive content, today you can check something off your to-do list and feel GOOD about it!! This is only a season friends, and once this is over, you are going to be BUSY! As counter-intuitive as it may feel during this unexpected slow season, now is the time to pop the hood on your biz and make sure that every single facet is a well-oiled machine! Hopefully, this checklist will allow you to breathe easier once things do pick up again (and they will!) So here are 10 ways you can grow your floral business from home! 

1. Get Your Learn On- With more free time on our hands for most of us, this is the PERFECT time to jump into an online course! If you are a floral designer looking for an online educational opportunity, I’ve temporarily lowered the cost of my online course Mastering Floral Pricing & Ordering back to the introductory rate, so now is the perfect time to get started!
2. Ask for Reviews- Ask past clients to leave you reviews over on Google! Google is the best place to be collecting reviews for your business! Don’t have a google business listing set up yet? Work on that too 😉 It’s easy and free at Google My Business

3. Website Audit- Update your portfolio images on your website. Make sure you update images to include your best work, and thoughtfully consider how you lay them out on your website as well. Both the content of your images AND their placement will elevate your overall online brand aesthetics!

4. Vendor and Client Relationship Building- Send a virtual gift card and note to vendors you have worked with in this past year, and if they have a business listing on Google or another platform, leave them a review! 

5. Bookkeeping- Now that your business taxes have been filed (hopefully!) you can evaluate your business bookkeeping processes for this year! I highly recommend using a system that links to your CRM of choice (for example, I use Quickbooks, which automatically syncs with Honeybook, to drop and categorize invoices into my account without me having to lift a finger!) I also invest in a monthly bookkeeper which has been INCREDIBLY helpful! Quickbooks is offering 50% off for 6 months if you use this link to join! 

6. Re-Think Your Client Experience and Offer Educational Resources-Consider writing out each step you take your client through during their floral design process and think about which steps could be modified or streamlined to create a better experience for you and your clients! For example, you could give your clients access to a hidden page on your website that gives common floral pricing figures or educational blog posts!

7. Create a Rental Inventory Guide- This has been on MY to-do list during this unexpected slow time, so I’ll be sure to share how mine looks once it’s finished! A downloadable rental inventory guide would help reduce back and forth emails between me and my clients to discuss vessel and candle options, and it would streamline the whole experience, allowing clients to see what I have available all in one place!

8. Practice Makes Perfect- With most of the major wholesalers not shipping or delivering right now, we have to get a little creative with finding flowers to keep our skills sharp! Consider having a mini training session for yourself to practice designing personal flowers! Forage flowers and greenery from your yard (or your neighbor’s yard under the cover of darkness… hahaha kidding) and practice your technique, whether that be with boutonnières, making flower crowns or combs, corsages, etc. Now is the time to try something new! 

9. Research Other Revenue Streams- With weddings screeching to a halt, the best way to charge forward without worry and fear is by having multiple revenue streams in your business (and personal finances too!) If you offer just one service right now (example- if you are a wedding florist), brainstorm other revenue streams that you could add to your existing business that would compliment your current offerings, or find an additional stream of revenue that may have nothing to do with your current biz! Either way, putting all your eggs in one basket is a surefire way to create financial anxiety, so having multiple “baskets” or streams of revenue is a long-term goal you can be working towards!  

10. Migrate your files over to Honeybook or other CRM-  
My favorite way to keep all event details organized, and what has kept all my contracts organized during this time of lots of changes, is Honeybook!This client management software saves me so much time- I use it to create and send contracts and invoices, questionnaires, timelines, and set up workflows and automatic scheduling! It also gives my clients a beautiful and professional experience and allows them to easily reference back to all our communication and files in one place! If you’ve been wanting to implement Honeybook into your business, they are currently offering 50% off your first year after a free trial! (Saving over $200!!) Click the link below!

(Top photo by Shannon Moffit Photography)


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