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10 Tips For Using Silk Ribbons On Bouquets



As a Virginia wedding florist, I frequently have brides that request silk ribbon streamer detailing on their bouquets, and often for their bridesmaids bouquets too! After teaching my most recent workshop, I realized that everyone has a different technique on using silk ribbon streamers, so I thought I would share 10 of my best tips and tricks!

Ordering Silk Ribbon

1. For bridal bouquets, I recommend using at least one full 2” spool of ribbon, which will give streamers that are approximately 2 feet long with 2 individual ribbons (like in the photo above)

2. For a more “full” look on bridal bouquets, I recommend 2-3 full spools of ribbon in varying widths or colors (each spool comes in 3 yard increments)

3. For bridesmaid bouquets, I recommend using at least half a full 2” spool of ribbon, which will give streamers that are approximately 1.5 feet long with two individual streamers.

4. For a longer, more statement look, I recommend using 1 full spool for each bridesmaid bouquet.

Silk Ribbon Application

5. I divide my whole spool in half, in my hand, and then wrap it around my bouquets until any wrapping mechanics, like tape, are covered, and then I simply tie a knot to finish it off (so choosing the 2” width is smart if you are covering your mechanics as well). The ribbon can also be looped together to create textured folds for a layered look, or tied into a bow.

6. Tie your silk ribbon in a knot in the front of your bouquet- this creates a very easy visual cue for brides/bridesmaids of where the front of their bouquet is for photos!

7. Wrap the bouquets when you arrive on-site, so the silk ribbon doesn’t get soaked with sloshing water during transport

8. Bring a hair straightener with you to weddings, so you can easily flatten out any ribbon kinks if needed

9. Have a sharp pair of ribbon shears available for cutting- I prefer using the Gingher shears (linked here)

10. If you’re super organized, pre-cut and spool each ribbon streamer before the wedding day so you can arrive on site and be ready to quickly install them

11. EXTRA TIP- The .5” ribbon size is perfect for boutonniere application (I use them for!)

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(A huge thank you to Sarah Street Photography for these photos!!)


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