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Email Essentials for Your Creative Small Business!



When I first started my business, I was shocked by the flood of emails that came my way! knew I needed a system to make sure my brides always felt well-taken care of, and even though I have shared my goals to disconnect from the technology overload, staying on top of email is still SO important! I conduct so much of my business over email, and sometimes an email might be a client’s first impression of your business, so having the proper “email etiquette” is essential to keep in contact with my brides! Here are my 3 best tips to blow your clients away with your speedy and effective communication- enjoy!

1.     Designate folders within your inbox for incoming emails

 Color-coding folders is a great tool to use in organizing your inbox! You can organize the folders by what needs a response, and what you have already replied to. Choose a color that pops to mark emails that need a speedy response, so your eye will be drawn to it next time you open your inbox- this is so helpful with time-sensitive flower orders, delivery times, and bride questions! Designating specific folders for different parts of your business (such as inquiries, orders, and payments) is a great way to stay on top of that inbox as well! No matter how you organize your folders, remember to be diligent with sorting emails as they come in and after you respond to them. 

2.     Use a professional email signature!

This tip is probably the easiest thing you can do to make your emails seem more personable, while promoting your business at the same time! Include your company logo in your email signature, and additional ways your clients can contact you. Remember to include website links or social media profiles, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook that shows potential clients what your business is all about- for me I LOVE for potential brides to connect with me on Instagram! For creatives- creating a signature that conveys both your professionalism and personality can be an immediate selling point and positive first impression with your clients-  I even included a picture of myself in my signature! You can make or edit your email signature in GoogleDocs, so it is always available to you! Here’s a snapshot of my signature, so you can see! 🙂

3.     Respond promptly!!

In this world of constant technology, it is more important than ever to reply to emails quickly! Not only is it important to be available to accommodate requests, but my brides have enough to plan already, so my goal is to make the lines of communication open and the process simple and stress-free! Communicating with me should be as quick and efficient as possible! Tip #1 should help you to organize your inbox, and decide what needs your attention first. However, also remember to let your clients know if they will not be receiving a prompt response from you! Throw up an email responder if you will be out of the office for more than 48 hours, so your clients know what to expect, and who to contact for any possible emergencies. Here are some easy templates to follow before taking off for your next beach escape!

With this said, balance is SO important. If you are getting burned out, set aside a certain time each day to focus solely on emails. This way you are not constantly distracting yourself from other projects and spreading yourself too thin! Put the phone down when you need to, but keep the lines of communication open! Email is such an important tool to use in growing your small business, and using it becomes easier, knowing it is all organized! I hope these tips will help you make the most of email for your business!


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