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8 Ideas for Enjoying Your Wedding Flowers for a Lifetime!



People say that flowers don’t last forever, but the way they make you feel does! Flowers truly have a way of transforming a wedding, and whether you are having an outdoor fall wedding or an indoor elegant soiree, florals always enhance the wedding space with their beauty! However, most couples don’t often think of flowers as being long-lasting days, weeks and even years after their wedding. While the actual flowers may not be around in 20 years, the memories, the scent and maybe even the actual plants themselves (see my tip about succulents) will be!! Enjoy these tips on how to enjoy your wedding flowers long after your wedding has come and gone!

  Stephanie Michelle Photo

Stephanie Michelle Photo

1. Preserve Your Own Bridal Bouquet

You can send off your own wedding bouquet to be preserved if you want to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home! The preservation process can be expensive and span several weeks, but if done correctly, the results are stunningly beautiful, and it is a beautiful memento from your wedding day!

2. Donate extra centerpieces to nursing home/hospital

Consider donating the left-over flowers from your wedding to a nursing home or hospital! Typically your florist can arrange this, by repurposing the flowers into smaller bud vases or arrangements. This is such a sweet way to make the impact of your flowers expand beyond your wedding, by really brightening other’s day and giving back to your community!

3. Keep the ribbon streamers or ribbon wrapped around your bouquet as a memento!

You can create a special keepsake on your wedding day, by wrapping ribbon around your bouquet, potentially with another heirloom piece of jewelry or a family locket, and then you can keep the ribbon long after your wedding day has ended! If you are using high-quality, hand-died silk ribbon streamers, you could even think about reusing it in a sentimental way, like a bow or adornment on an outfit for your own baby one day (or maybe even to wrap a daughter’s wedding bouquet, who knows?!)

  Tara Liebeck Photography

Tara Liebeck Photography

  Tara Liebeck Photography

Tara Liebeck Photography

5. Plant your own cutting garden with blooms from your wedding bouquet

Have a green thumb? Consider planting your own garden with some of the same blooms that were used to design your wedding! Ask your florist for a list of the flowers she used for your wedding and which ones are locally-grown! Here in Virginia, some examples could be: ranunculus, tulips, dusty miller, anemones, snapdragons, etc! From there, purchase some seeds or bulbs, give them some TLC and watch them grow! 

6. Find a special perfume to wear on your wedding day or anniversaries that shares the scent of one of your focal wedding blooms

The smell of certain places or things has the power to transport people back to that moment in their lives- so why not find a perfume that embodies the scent of your wedding blooms?! Ask your florist which flowers in your wedding bouquet are most fragrant, and look for a perfume that has a similar smell! Then, every time you wear that perfume for a special occasion, you will think back on your wedding day- how romantic is that?! 🙂

7. Replanting the succulents in your bouquet

Did you know that succulents will re-grow once replanted after use?! That’s right, you simply need to take them out of your wedding bouquet, place them on top of some moist soil (and then water it about once every 3 weeks), place in the sunshine, and the succulents will grow roots and eventually root themselves to the soil! Doing this is a fun way to keep a part of your wedding bouquet alive- literally!

8. Have your florist design a replica of your wedding bouquet each year for your anniversary bouquet

Each year for your wedding anniversary, have your florist create a replica of your wedding bouquet! You can get some professional photos taken with your spouse and growing family, or even place the bouquet in a vase for you and your hubby to enjoy. This gives you a way to keep enjoying your wedding blooms, year after year!


I hope you enjoyed these fun tips on how to carry on the memory of your wedding flowers long after the wedding is over! Brides: interested in reading more tips? Check out my “Advice for Brides” blog series, below! 🙂


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