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My Favorite Springtime Blooms for Weddings!



This warm weather we have been enjoying lately has me dreaming of beautiful spring weddings, and I am getting SO excited for another full year with lots of pretty blooms!! For any brides wondering what flowers are in-season during your springtime wedding, this post is for you! I am sharing some of my favorite springtime blooms for weddings, and I am wishing that my computer had scratch-and-sniff capabilities, because springtime blooms always seem to be the most fragrant! Ahhh… spring is almost here! Enjoy!!!

1. Ranunculus– This one is forever a favorite. These delicate, ruffly blooms are perfect for bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns and centerpieces! They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and make the most darling accent pieces for intricate wedding designs 🙂 I loved using these beautiful white ones to create this flower crown. 

  Erin Daniels Photography

Erin Daniels Photography

2. Peonies- With their intoxicating smell and huge blooms, fluffy peonies are often the “must-have” bloom for brides getting married in the late spring and early summer! They do have a very limited window of availability, typically becoming widely available around Mother’s Day and ending around the beginning of July, so brides getting married during that time are in luck! They are typically found in shades of blush, white, pink and red. 

3. Sweet Peas- These small-but-mighty blooms have such a lovely smell and a variety of pastel colors available to choose from! With their sweet scent, my favorite way to use sweet peas is in bouquets, so the bride can smell them all day long!

4. Tulips– These are such fun and playful blooms that are perfect for a variety of wedding arrangements, in lots of different colors! Fun fact: tulips actually continue to grow once they are harvested/cut so if you put them in a vase or bouquet, watch them to see how much they grow! It will amaze you!

5. Lisianthus- Another favorite, with lots of color variety and complex, ruffly petals, lisianthus or “lizzie” is always beautiful in bouquets or large arrangements for weddings! They also have little delicate offshoots, or unopened buds, that make for a sweet little statement on each stem!

  Lauren Simmons Photography

Lauren Simmons Photography

6. Garden Roses- These flowers are not your normal run-of-the-mill roses you may find in a grocery store! Garden roses are known to be “peony look-alikes” with lush, complex petals, and amazing scent and a wide variety of colors and styles! These beautiful roses are lovely to use in every single season, but are especially charming in spring weddings with light and airy color palettes!

7. Jasmine Vine– During the spring, the jasmine vine blooms into a petite white flower with an overwhelmingly amazing scent, that could fill an entire room! Even if you don’t get to use the vine with the blooms, the vine is so perfect to create a draping effect in loose/organic wedding bouquets!

8. Dusty Miller- Although not exclusively a springtime greenery, dusty miller always seems to compliment spring color palettes SO beautifully, and I had to include it here on this list 🙂 I love its soft texture and how it blends greenery and blooms together seamlessly!

  Lauren Simmons Photography

Lauren Simmons Photography

One final thought…

I always offer to wrap my bride’s bouquets up in some beautiful raw silk ribbon! I think using springtime inspired pastels, like blush, lilac and cream is such a seasonally appropriate way to really tie your color palette together, and who doesn’t love silk ribbon?! Eeeek I can hardly wait for the wedding season to begin next month! Bring on all the pretty!! 

Questions about your springtime wedding flowers? Comment below, or contact me directly here to set up a consultation! 


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