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Fall Weddings: Dealing with the Elements!



So, I’m writing this blog as I sit watching the rain just POUR down here in Hampton Roads. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen actual sunshine in over a week now, and I realized halfway through this week I need to buy rain boots. This weather has inspired my very last “Fall Weddings Series” post on Dealing with the Elements!! As a bride who dealt with the elements on my big day, I know it’s important to have a few little details in place, just in case!! 🙂

No bride wants to think about some bad weather impacting her big day, but the fact of the matter is that if any part of your wedding is outside- you NEED a back-up plan. No guest enjoys sitting through a rainy ceremony, and once the bride gets her hair done, going out in gale-force winds sounds like a bad idea. So my number-one piece of advice (from experience) dealing with rainy weather? Reserve a tent. Even if you don’t end up needing it, just bite the bullet, pay the deposit, and reserve it. If you decide you need a large tent the week of the wedding, it will be tricky to find one, it will cost more and there will be additional last-minute fees involved. Tented wedding ceremonies and receptions can be easily transformed into gorgeous spaces with just a few design tweaks. 🙂

Another little tip to make guests more comfortable on a rainy wedding day- Buy some umbrellas! If you are having a valet, they will be able to assist guests getting in and out of vehicles and keep them dry with umbrellas. If guests are parking their own cars and walking to the venue, have some umbrellas outside near the parking structure, just in case! Your guests will thank you! You can find some really cute clear bubble umbrellas, or some that coordinate with your wedding colors too. 🙂

My last piece of wisdom is specifically for the bride and groom: Enjoy your day, rain and all! It poured on my wedding day, there was a tornado warning, and the ceremony was planned to be on the beach, Obviously, that didn’t pan out, and eventually I had to drink (several) mimosas, let out a laugh and know that this is NOT the end of the world. We still had the best of times partying the night away with our friends and family, and we were SO happy that we got a tent, and scheduled a majority of the party to be inside! Even if you have an entirely outside wedding planned though- don’t fear!! You can find a dream team of vendors to pull off a magical wedding, even with a Rain Plan! 

Here is a picture from my rainy wedding day! Apparently rain brings good luck? 😉

What other advice do YOU have for dealing with the elements? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

 Image: Elizabeth Henson Photos

Image: Elizabeth Henson Photos


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