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6-Figure florist group 

6-figure florist group 

6-Figure Florist is an application-only, 12-week small group coaching program with Courtney teaching how to fill your calendar with high-end dream wedding clients and make more money than EVER before, while diversifying and scaling your business

ISn'T IT TIME YOU started working ON your business instead of in it?






Are you ready to scale your wedding floral business to 6-figures (and beyond...??)

6-Figure Florist Group Coaching will give you the tools you need to make that goal a reality! For 12 weeks, you'll receive weekly live small group content calls, 1-on-1 coaching and support from Courtney and create a community with other wedding florists so you can immediately implement what you learn to level-up your business and reach your goals!

After years of taking home a 6-figure paycheck, I'm sharing my roadmap to growing business revenue and booking high-end weddings, and I want you to join me!

6-Figure Florist Group Coaching 

Ready for 2022
to be your year?

12-weeks of LIVE content coaching sessions and lifetime access to the recordings

what's included?

1-to-1 Voxer coaching during office hours with Courtney to ask questions and receive customized feedback



this is what you can get excited for!

Access to the small group of students (12 max) via private Slack channel to ask all your burning questions! 


A 1-on-1 individual mentoring session with Courtney, to take a deep dive into your specific business goals


Courtney's library of courses and templates, which complement the
6-Figure Florist Framework ($1,000+ value!)

Continued support after the coaching program ends, with a group call and Slack Channel for students



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Here's a little walk down memory lane... after being in the wedding floral business for a few years, I started to hit a wall. I was regularly booking clients and staying busy, but I felt SO burnt-out, underpaid and overworked. I invested in online floral classes and tutorials, but nothing seemed to help. I searched for a mentor I could learn from who could identify with where I currently was in my business and also someone who was where I WANTED to be. 

Once I joined a business-centered group coaching program and created my own small community of wedding florists, I realized that the KEY to my business growth was investing in education and relationships with others a few steps ahead of me. Learning from these mentors empowered and inspired me to break out of the mold, take risks and set big scary goals, knowing I had expert guidance every step of the way!

After seeing what was possible in my own business (and life), nothing gives me greater joy than educating and empowering other florists! My goal is to see my students create a fulfilling career that fits their individual vision for their life, while working with dream clients and sharing joy with the world through flowers. 

I've been there too. And I want to teach you a better way!

guess what...

The first two sessions teach how to attract your ideal client by intentionally positioning your brand and portfolio, how to find ideal clients, different marketing strategies including leveraging social media, your website, vendor partnerships and more. I break down how to create a luxury styled shoot to showcase your talents, how to present your portfolio in a strategic way to attract high-end clients. and how to market your brand.

The next few sessions walk you through my entire client experience process: from inquiry, consultation call, sending over estimates, booking the date, payments, creating design proposals, client design meetings, processing, design week calendar, transportation logistics, and wedding day workflow! I break down how to book your ideal clients, streamline your client experience workflows, and refine your wedding week workflows to accommodate higher-budget orders.

Here's What You'll Learn

Positioning + Marketing High-End Brands

Booking + Streamlining the Client Experience

To wrap up, the last few sessions teach how to scale your business once you are implementing the strategies taught in the first several sessions. I break down how to streamline, scale, and diversify your revenue.  I specifically teach how to begin offering rentals and scale them, creating an additional stream of income with items you may already own! Additional lessons are included on creating passive income with a digital product.

Diversifying + Scaling Your Business

These lessons dive into my pricing and ordering technique, and how this helps me book high-end clientele. I teach how to price for a high-end wedding, creating minimums and scaling them, ordering flowers and minimizing waste, maximizing profits, choosing high-end, high-impact blooms, and more! I break down my profit margins, ordering strategies to stay in budget, and my initial pricing/quoting/proposal creation process.

Pricing + Ordering Wedding Florals


— Emily, tipsy tulip design

"After working with Courtney, I started booking my dream clients!"

Mastering Floral Pricing & Ordering Online Course

Wedding Floral Contract

Welcome Guide Template

Wedding Proposal Templates

20 Real Wedding Recipes

Floral Ordering Spreadsheet

Rental Inventory Guide Template

What resources are included?




For 12 weeks, Courtney will be teaching her step-by-step framework during weekly live Zoom sessions. (Beginning March 1st)


You'll have 1-on-1 access to Courtney to ask questions, receive customized coaching and feedback, and more!


You'll implement the content weekly, and begin booking high-end clients and reaching your biggest business goals


I started my business over 7 years ago, and it didn't take me long to realize how much HARD work goes into every aspect of planning and executing floral designs for a wedding. I knew as much as I loved flowers, this needed to be a BUSINESS not a hobby.

After years of taking home a 6-figure paycheck, I'm excited to share my exact roadmap to growing your revenue, booking high-end weddings, and diversifying and scaling your business income. If you're a wedding florist ready to level up for 2022, you're in the right place!

If you're anything like me, you're motivated to take your business to the next level. You just want someone that's been where you are to let you in on the secrets to success!

That's where I come in.

learn virtually=  instant results

access to courtney for coaching!

join a community of peers to support you!

Follow a proven roadmap to success

"I finally feel empowered to take my business to the next level, and can't thank Courtney enough!"

"Not only did I make my investment back the same week I took her course, but I now have a pricing strategy and tools to leverage my floral art into something highly profitable!"



From our past students...

"Learning from Courtney was truly the best investment we have ever made"

"We went in with not knowing a lot, and left with a plan, new knowledge and a new love for our business. Courtney truly is an inspiration and we both feel so blessed to have gotten to learn from one of the best!"


revamped her business

"Courtney shared practical business advice and we are implementing it!"

"The business retreat was so wonderful! Courtney shared practical business advice and strategies that we are implementing to improve our wedding business and client experience."


implementing new strategies 

This small group coaching program is the only one of its kind because...

students attend live weekly coaching calls with courtney

This program was intentionally structured as the most high-level and intensive educational offering I have available, so that students could have weekly content coaching sessions and access to ask questions, bounce ideas around with the small group of peers, and more!

The content is structured in a way that students will be able to immediately implement what they learn right after each session. All supplemental materials and my entire resource library, (my signature online course, my own wedding contract, and all my templates- over $1000 value) are included as well!

students receive access to courtney via voxer for continued support and customized coaching

Besides our weekly content sessions for 12 weeks, students will also receive Voxer access to Courtney during office hours (Monday-Wednesday from 8AM-4PM) to ask questions, receive customized feedback, and more! Students will have Courtney in their back pocket as their one-on-one coach for the duration of the whole program!

Need me to review pricing on a floral  quote for you? Done! Hoping for another set of eyes on your new website page? Send it over! Curating your portfolio imagery and need to know what photos to share and where? I'm your girl! I'm here to serve as a resource and an experienced guide as you grow! Students will also have a Slack group with their peers in the coaching program, for continual group support!

Why is there an application?

Members will be chosen based on the current stage of their floral business and the clarity of their business goals. An essential part of small group coaching is curating a well-rounded group, so I take that seriously!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be accepted?

This experience will be capped at 12, to maintain an intimate group setting that is best suited for customized teaching, Q+A and access to Courtney.

Is this refundable?

We have a money back guarantee - if in 6 months after the program ends, you haven't made your investment back, I'll reimburse you!

What does this include?

The 12-week group coaching experience includes weekly live Zoom content lesson, (1.5 hours-2 hours per session) Q&A, access to Courtney via Voxer, group Slack channel, and more!

When will the sessions be?

Sessions begin March 1st. Once the group is created, members will be polled to decide the best time for the majority of the group. We understand everyone has busy schedules, so if you miss a training, they will be recorded if you can’t make it live. 

Who is this created for?

This was created specifically for an experience wedding florist who is ready to create a 6-figure floral business! Their goals include maximizing revenue per event, booking more high-end weddings, and diversifying and scaling through passive income!

So let's get to it!

A year from now you will wish you had started today...  

— Diane, whimsy VA

"Learning from Courtney was the wisest investment I've ever made in my business!" 

Fill your calendar with high-end dream wedding clients who make your heart happy! 

Continue to grow your income and make more than ever before!

Increase your pricing and your average wedding floral order 

Create systems for streamlining bookings, writing proposals, working with clients, and more!

Diversify and scale your business to include additional streams of revenue and passive income

Form a community of florists across the country to hold you accountable and support your ideas!

By the end of this program, you will...



"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


This     for you if:

You're ready to book high-end floral weddings and charge premium prices 

You're not interested in booking high-end weddings

Your wedding business is your full-time job, and you're ready to scale to 6-figures (!!!)

Your wedding business is not your sole career focus at this time

You've worked in the wedding industry for several years and have an established business

It's probably       for you if...

You're newer to the wedding industry or not in this industry



It's probably
for you if...

"Courtney truly explains things in ways that everyone can understand"

"Courtney helped me curate my albums and galleries on my website to more consistently attract my ideal couples. She is such an easy, light and fresh educator to learn from! Learning from her was the absolute best investment I've ever made for my biz!"


booking ideal clients

Courtney's past students...

"Working with Courtney, I gained so much confidence that I started booking larger dream clients!"

"I truly feel like a have a better handle on my business!! I cannot recommend her and her courses enough to anyone. She is a true business rockstar and now a dear friend forever."


leaving her 9-to-5

"Courtney gave strategic, personalized advice on my next step"

"The small group atmosphere of the retreat made everything feel really comfortable, there was no fear factor involved. The most invaluable part was the 1-on-1 time with Courtney, and the time in between sessions to implement was SO helpful!"


scaling her business

I'm Courtney, wedding florist & business coach.

Consider me your very own biz bestie- I'm here to learn about your big business ideas and dreams, provide solutions to your hang-ups, and get you moving toward your goals, all with a latte in hand!

more about me

hey there!

— jessie, crafted stems

"I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney to other florists wanting to move their business forward."

Join the 6-Figure Florist- if in 6 months after the program ends, you haven't made your investment back, I'll reimburse you!

I am SO confident in the content in this program and its ability to help you build and grow your business that if you fully complete this program and you don't make your investment back, I will buy it back from you! But... I'm SO confident you will make your investment back. This education is proven to work, and it’s transformed floral businesses across the country!

money back 


shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one, and I'm happy to answer any of your questions!

Still on the fence?